Our Story

Like most things in life, it began with the comforting rays of the winter sun. Agra, the city of the Taj has been long known for its design, elegance and streets that inspire beauty. D’Vibgyor- the thought and the company was born and raised in the city of the Taj.

Inspiration hit as it usually does, quietly. While working night and day on number driven spreadsheets for companies, the bug bit our founding team, in the winter of 2014. Just like the first drop of the sky that falls into the sea to turn into a pearl, the team focused efforts on bringing unique designs to the world. This entrepreneurial bug led to new ideas. It took six months to polish, set the right frames and create a platform.

We are often asked how do we define style and beauty. And this amuses us. We firmly believe that it just depends on your perception and what speaks to you. Coming from a culture and land that has raised entire civilizations on the principles of acceptance, this is just as profound as it is simple. Torn by mainstream ideas of what beauty or luxury is, we think style is a representation of your individual aspirations. Your soul attracts what you feel most luxurious with.

We believe you define your own trends. And fashion is about you. We’re working hard to curate unique and individual styles for you, because, it’s time you choose and show your stylish self to the world!


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